About Lizzie

Originally I was a young swimmer, but chose to invest my time into track running throughout secondary and tertiary education. My neighbour suggested trying Off-road triathlon and I’ve been hooked ever since ! Over the past years I’ve been improving my biking skills and have loved getting back into the pool. Running feels like home and I’m always keen to race. Having achieved World Amateur Champion and consistently performing at the top of my age group, I decided to compete as a PRO (while still maintaining a full time job). Results were very promising so I decided in early 2015 to work part time and really explore what I can achieve with more training and racing under my belt. I’ve loved the journey so far and have racked up some results I’m very proud of, it’s made me hungry for more and optimistic about the future.


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Lizzie Orchard

D.O.B: 26/11/85

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Height: 5.11’
Education: Bachelor of Technology (Food) with Honors, Massey University.
Hobbies: Apart from Triathlon I also enjoy travel, baking, shopping, movies, outdoor adventures, wine and coffee !!!

Team: Aloha Racing  http://aloharacing.com/