2015 Xterra Malaysia Champs – Langkawi

FullSizeRender   IMG_3419   Langkawi High



Best Result Ever (so far). Surprised myself by coming 2nd, amongst a large talented Pro field. It was an exciting, challenging adventure. We started at 7:15am which was just after daylight broke, it was strange setting up transition in the dark. Swim was in 30 degree water and I loved it, wish NZ got that hot !

Came out of the water in 3rd behind Jackie (GBR) and Carla (RSA) and had quite a ‘journey to transition’ up a river and through some mangroves. There was a very steep uphill bike section which I don’t think anyone rode up, then flew down some tough leafy rocky forest trail that Dave had set for us. Dave was kind enough to let me accompany him the Wednesday before the race around the course, and I’m proud to say I was much braver on race-day than the pre-ride ! The rainforest had monkeys and leeches and all kinds of creepy crawlies, Keith was standing by with a drink bottle full of VERY salty water to discourage the leeches if they had latched on ! luckily I escaped.  We got to see some remote village back roads and rode through rubber plantations – which have trees with little buckets attached to them . Started on the run in 3rd behind Jackie and Carina (AUT). First half of the run had some undulating forest, a beautiful river crossing and a crazy huge hill, second half was relatively flat but encompassed the marina, a lighthouse circuit and a lot of beach running. Myriam (FRA) ran like the wind and moved from 5th into 1st, I was able to move up into 2nd, and Jackie finished strong in 3rd and won the Asian Tour 2015. We were greeted with fresh coconuts at the finish line,  yum, thank you Dave and Sean.

Langkawi is fun to explore – I had my 1st scooter drive, 1st jet ski drive, saw a bird of paradise out the window of the hotel, did the gondola ride up to the skybridge, the list goes on. Definitely want to go back.