2015 Xterra Asia Pacific Champs – Jervis Bay Australia

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It was just 1 week between Xterra Rotorua and the Asia Pacific Champs so it was a quick drive back to Auckland, laundry and bike clean before everything was packed and ready to go to Jervis Bay. Travelling over a few days in advance so we could have a recon of the course. It’s also a nice drive down from Sydney through seaside towns such as ‘Berry’, had to sample the local artisan icecream and gift shops. Sadly we lost Lynne from the team as she needed to urgently fly back to NZ the night before the race, but in huge surprise my partner Keith turned up a few hours later after race briefing ! You got me big time. We shared a delicious pre-race spag bol and garlic bread dinner at Matt, Lisa and family’s Bach – thanks gang – which set us all up for the following day.

The day was warm but wetsuits were optional, it was interesting diving into the mass of red seaweed that was lurking just offshore. The rain the few days before the race had turned the ground rather sloppy and I was pleased I had made the switch to my ‘most grippy’ tyre setup. Really enjoyed the bike course this year, it had some fire break roads and single track which mixed it up nicely, and also gave racers lots of chances to pass. The last 10km had to be most interesting/funny. Huge ruts were covered by mud puddles so you never quite knew how deep the tyres were going to sink ! I started the run in 5th and was gaining on the 2 in front of me but finished in 5th, just 15sec behind 4th and 1min behind 3rd.

I’m super happy with the result and it’s really encouraging to be getting closer to the front and be in amongst the ladies I have admired for many years.