2015 NZ Xterra Champs – Rotovegas

 Xterra NZ 2012-2  31006


Xterra Rotorua is one of my favourite races. My first taste of Xterra was there as a team with my neighbour Josie many years ago, and I’ve been  back every year since. It took a while to eventually try the whole triathlon as an individual, but I’m glad I did as it has become a passion and lifestyle. Improving each year – I’m really happy to share my best result yet – 2nd Pro Female – with friends and family who were there to compete and form an awesome cheer squad. Dad and Brother mountain biking and Mum did the 10km run. Not boasting, but best high 5 of the day had to be between Lauren and myself down the finishing straight hehe. Was getting time checks and encouragement the whole course which made the race even  more exciting.

The swim was more brutal then most, lots of arms and legs flying but managed 4th out. Bike was slightly different this year – a long slippery up an old downhill trail, the ground was also the wettest it’s been that I can remember. Was looking out for Sarah on the bike as I knew she wouldn’t be too far away. The ladies field was very close, I felt fresh on the run and tried to pull in the lead but finished just 1min back.

Congrats Suzie on your first Xterra win. Thanks to Frank too for yet another sunny race day and great family event.