2015 Oceania Sprint Tri Champs – Kinloch


Thanks Dad for letting me borrow your road bike ! Seatpost up to max height, aerobars attached, and I had a chariot for the Oceania Sprint Tri Champs. Slight drama on a practice ride a few days before the race when a clamp stripped itself, but Darren at Cyco saved me on super short notice. Travelled down to Kinloch on Saturday arvo for a quiet night in at beautiful Dan and Leigh’s house.

There were dark clouds around on Sunday morning but the rain held off for the race. The lake was fresh so wetsuits on. After a 1 lap swim it was biking time… Not being a road bike owner and a 1st time aerobar user I was a little nervous it was all going to be a bit strange. However, I seemed to pick it up really quickly and felt great. Passed a lot of competitors up the hills and loved making use of the bars on the flats. Unfortunately I recieved a time penalty for accidentally touching the road centre line while overtaking large groups. Totally understand but also frustrating as I was so paranoid about drafting I wanted to make sure I stuck to the rules. The run is an interesting 2 lapper with bridges, tight turns, and grass sections. I really enjoyed the short distances and had a fun race, it was a great spectator course too – check it out next year if you get a chance. Placed 2nd in the end. Looking forward to the possibility of more road tris in the future, just need to sort out a road bike first.